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Multi-Story Orchestra work with pupils from ISCA to blend classical music and perform in IKEA’s car park for this once in a lifetime headline event.

“Within IKEA we have a word we use – tillsammans. Tillsammans means togetherness and we use it to describe how we work together in store but also how we connect with all our visitors and to the wider community. So although you might more readily think of IKEA in terms of home furnishings, this event is very much in keeping with our culture and values and we are delighted to be able to support such a wonderful community event”

Friday July 1st – 5.00pm Running Time: 1 hour

Event Blurb:

This summer, The Multi-Story Orchestra comes to Exeter! The Multi-Story Orchestra and students from ISCA are joining forces to perform our own unique version of Stay on It – a joyous, punchy piece of music by the ‘brazen and brilliant’ Julius Eastman.

As an openly gay Black man working in the 1970s, composer Julius Eastman often created music that took on radical political viewpoints, shaped by his own experiences of oppression. His music sounds unlike anything we’ve ever heard. Stay on It is a semi-improvised piece, so no performance is ever the same – this is your one and only chance to hear our version, created by musicians from The Multi-Story Orchestra and local young musicians.

About Us
We are The Multi-Story Orchestra. We perform in car parks and unexpected spaces. We bring together professional musicians and young people to create extraordinary performances, tell stories and unleash creativity. We perform award-winning, life-shaking music with and for local communities in car parks throughout the UK. We’ve been described by members of our community as “not just an orchestra, but a family” and “life-changing for everyone involved”, and The Times has acclaimed our work: “forget fusty concert halls, the future of music is emerging in a municipal car park”.

Friday July 1st – 5.00pm Running Time: 1 hour

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